Walsh Cup 2019/2020

The competitions a county enter shouldn’t be decided by managers tho. The whole season needs to be reviewed, and to be fair they have come a long way recently, still a way to go.

If managers are entering their C squads, they are pulling out of it in all but name. Co boards can’t force them who to pick. Mind you, whatever about a C squad, Laois are lucky to even have an A squad these days.

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Why that?

Players leaving/not committing in droves over the past couple of years.

Calling it off at this stage is a bit disrepctful, I think…

Agreed, I’d booked my flights home from Sydney this for game.




Slightly odd that no reason given for the cancellation. Still scheduled to play Westmeath away the following weeeknd.

It seemed to be known to some extent this game wasn’t going ahead earlier than the official announcement. Could be some sort of protest at starting the IC season in December.

Do you think you could get the flight changed for the Westmeath game… a bit late now I suppose

But these are ‘pre’ season competitions, so don’t really come into the equation by definition. If teams want to play them, they should play them, and if they don’t, then don’t. If they didn’t exist, I suspect a lot teams would be playing challenge games anyway though.

I am not sure in general that reviewing the season in anyway would find a solution, because I suspect there is none. If you play the county championship off quickly to facilitate clubs you would kill the whole thing, the county championships is the life blood. If you make counties release players to play club all the time, it would take from the seriousness of the competition. Players can’t train towards two different goals at the same time.

I think the solution is more to do with choices then scheduling. If we make a choice, for example, of only make allowances for county players to play club championship, over say late August (for the majority of counties who will be out of the AI) Sept, October and November and ensure counties play away with other club competitions the rest of the time, there is no excuse for club players not to have games. Students who want to travel can do that, and be back for the championship.

The county set up can then find any format that works for them over February to end of August - which is enough time to play a league and championship, and mainly at a decent time of the year.

I think we’ve come a long way over the last decade in term sof tiered championship therefore giving players and fans from lower tier countries something to play for and support.

In my opinion the next step is to limit players to one county team, already seems to be happening in the football with players like clifford sticking to the senior grade. this opens up a lot of time in the calender.

My next move would be to abolish the walsh cup (and other similar competitions) and merge the league with the championship where all the top teams play each other - and the leagues are kept on provincial lines. something like 10-12 games each with the top teams having a short - sharp play off at the end to decide the AI championships. That leave 35-40 weekends left for club competition which also need to be expanded - lets face it dublin were knocked out in July and there have only been a handful of club games since then, more games required at all levels.

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What’s the story with the Blue Stars game.

Has a date been set for it?

Not seen anything

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In theory this is still going ahead.

Something Witty is on his way home for it… Don’t tell tell me a second cancellation.

Going ahead on Sunday at 1pm (not 2pm as previously shown)

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Kind of funny that we are staring th 2020 season in a couple of day sand now one has a breeze who is on the panel. for the first time in awhile there are a few forwards who looked promising in the SHC who are not involved with dublin this year, just hope one or two of them get a chance and can make the grade. As a few keep saying no game changers but i’d take another two three real options for the forwards for now.

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