Walsh Cup 2019/2020

I know exactly what your thinkinh Lucan and usually Id agree…But our last game was July and was a disaster…for me we need to get back to winning and we need to work on the teams style fom the off.

The likes of Danny needs game time and maybe a run in a new position will give him a spark. By all means we need o look at new faces but we cant go out with 15 new faces and start off losing as that can become a habit

i would definitely like to see O’Sullivan start in the corner and see how he gets on. also conor burke needs another run and i’d like D.Burke to slot back in and see if he can nail down a spot.

So i’d like to see a forward setup something like this to see how they got on.

Danny - C.Burke - Dunne
O’Sullivan - D.Burke - Winters

Danny and Dunne both have a bit of pace and can win ball, Burke has a good paw and can take a score. FF line with scores in it … possibly not physical enough ff line. D.Burke could roam out field a bit to leave space for O’Sillivan, Dunne and Danny to run into.

I hate that he is like that as I loved watching him as a hurler.

Some list of players that have come through Eoin


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Probably wouldn’t be far off beating the rest of Dublin if you include Con. Some work done their over the years!!

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They get a fair whack of crokes and cuala players through the gates which helps - playing dublin tomorrow so we’ll see how they go!

Was in the area so Went along to that, plenty of goals, real winter challenge match stuff, several players swapped sides at halftime.

Did Con play?

He (con) was there, didn’t play first half anyway, might have come on at the end, subs were thick and fast at that stage and I lost track. Had No program, all the Eoin players had 50 on the back and all the swapping teams it was very hard to keep track.

Schutte went well for Dublin must have had 2-2 or more, Connolly was prominent, Jake Malone also, big strong lad. Lorcan McMullen was good also - I had through it was Dunne initially.

He’s not on the Dublin panel so not sure how that works

They ask lads onto the panel every year.

Not if you live beyond the Goblet Public House

Came on for Colaiste Eoin near the end . Wouldn’t read anything into it except he was supporting his schools 50th celebration .

No I know that was just wondering if he’s fit or still recovering from county final

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Any word when the Dublin Bus / Herald Dub Stars game is on? And where?

so the aul 2020 season is schnaking up on us and not a whisper of who is on the panel even, any new faces going to be given a run.

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Not sure about new panelists but heard someone say Laois are pulling out of this competition. Could be rubbish but did anyone hear similar?

surely they’d have gone public with that by now?