Walsh Cup 2019/2020

The first game is in 4 days, they’d hardly be doing it so late.

Use those lemon contacts of your proudy- the latest news on the Laois GAA site is from July :sweat_smile:

Sunday’s game vs Laois off.

Extends our unbeaten run.


ah balls, in dublin this weekend was going to head along.

A lady never tells dear boy. :shushing_face:

Rescheduled for Wednesday, January 8 according to the Laois Twitter machine. Venue & time TBC.

EB isn’t a fan of the Walsh Cup. Thinks it should be abolished. Even had a public spat with John Horan last winter over it, if memory serves. So maybe they’ll officially withdraw in the New Year. I dunno… :woman_shrugging:

His team haven’t played a game since last July, you’d Think he’d relish the chance of a semi competitive game or two before the league.

He’ll be missing the Rathdowney Errill contingent though & that’s at least 4/5 starters. With that many missing, it’s hard to see them batin’ a Dublin squad bent on revenge (and Carlow) this side of Xmas.

Maybe he doesn’t want to head into the New Year on the back of 2 bad beatings & ruin momentum for the league campaign?

I never understood that, he doesn’t have to enter if he doesn’t like it. Lots of counties don’t participate in the pre-season stuff and it is no big deal.

Surely you are not suggesting splitting Dublin into Coláiste Eoin and the rest?!!!

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Kind of agree with him . When does the carousel ever end for inter county players .

They key to the fixtures mess is to eradicate the prelim competitions , introduce a proper closed season and linking the national league to the championship and playing over a shorter time frame

Well entirely agree with that, been banging that drum for years but failing that we have what we have and surely it beats training.

Yeah, but if enough counties/managers pull out of it, they’d have no option but to cancel it really.

The competitions a county enter shouldn’t be decided by managers tho. The whole season needs to be reviewed, and to be fair they have come a long way recently, still a way to go.

If managers are entering their C squads, they are pulling out of it in all but name. Co boards can’t force them who to pick. Mind you, whatever about a C squad, Laois are lucky to even have an A squad these days.

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Why that?

Players leaving/not committing in droves over the past couple of years.

Calling it off at this stage is a bit disrepctful, I think…

Agreed, I’d booked my flights home from Sydney this for game.