Walsh Cup 2019

Draw was this evening:

Daft stuff. We likely get at least four games. Wex, Galway and KK get no more than two and maybe only one.

The GAA really does baffle at times.

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It really does. Though I doubt the 3 big guns have any interest in it. Didn’t Wexford pull out of it one of the years? Anyway I know it takes place probably too early in the season even for us, but its atleast a chance for more game time for some of our younger less established players to get some game time, albeit against weaker opposition, assuming colleges doesn’t get in the way?

Davy probably want to train.

Being that it’s his third year it’ll all go pear shaped. That’s the usual thing with him.

They’d already lost a bit of the lustre of the previous year this summer.

Is it not a bot early to set up this thread?

Oh wait …

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Was that an automated response?


Dates for this are:

Dec 9, Dec 16, Jan 6. Semi-Finals: Jan 13 Final: Jan 20

Round 1
Carlow v Dublin 9.12.2018 2.00pm
Offaly v Laois 9.12.2018 2.00pm
Round 2
Dublin v Offaly 16.12.2018 2.00pm
Laois v Carlow 16.12.2018 2.00pm
Round 3
Laois v Dublin 6.1.2019 2.00pm
Carlow v Offaly 6.1.2019 2.00pm

Could well be without the boden players (or at least they should be rested) will be interesting to see who is out, suspect Kenny will give this years panel a chance.

He probably needs to put out something close to what he is planning for the league, just as a trial run. Even if for one game against one of the better teams.

Wouldn’t be too worried about the Boden players. If they progress they will getting better game time than against any of the other teams in the group.

Mad time to be playing it all the same.

They have used DCU for most home games in recent years! IMO they should use Parnell Pk as much as possible in this competition and so become totally comfortable in their surroundings while getting used to new playing system that Kenny will surely bring to the table! This will become more important as the year progresses towards Championship!

To be honest I think the fixtures make sense. Some other teams finished later so get a longer rest. It seems a century ago since we hurled, so we are out earlier.

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Wasn’t use of DCU down to the weather?

Do agree that they should be getting as much time in PP as possible.

Which brings us to the hoary old question of double headers in the league! Seems that February 23 is only date both hurlers and footballers are at home. Could be crucial game for hurlers so I trust Kenny will be insisting on home advantage.

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Hopefully, those double headers are horrible. The hurlers play in front of a tiny crowd and the supporters freeze their ass off for over three hours. It is a lose lose situation.


The only thing is the players generally like playing in croke park but as a supporter at that time of year it’s much preferable to have the matches separate - even though they’re great value for money as a double header. Also get much better atmosphere in parnell obviously.

Hurlers are playing Waterford, which (assuming they are safe from a relegation play off!) might be vital in determining the final shakeup at the top.

Just off top of my head, I think the last game the hurlers won in CP was Walsh Cup final against Wexford, the same night footballers beat Kerry? 2016?

It is no advantage whatsoever and earliest meaningful game next year would be a Leinster final if they get that far, so the argument for “getting used to it” doesn’t stand up either.

Yep, I have had a change of heart in this over the years. I used to think they were good in the early Daly years, but the crowds were a little bigger and the results a little better. Now I just find them a bit cold and miserable…


Agree with that! First job is to start playing to a solid system. Consistency is absolutely vital. Start being competitive (in fairness we were last year) After that it really shouldn’t matter where we play our games. But do agree about the atmosphere in a full Parnell Pk. Its got to be worth a few points on the board.

December 16th. FFS !!

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