Walsh Cup 2022

Omicron permitting here’s the fixtures


At least we are at home versus Galway

It’ll give Henry a chance to run out the car.


I was thinking we could quarantine the fans at the Red Cow


Not long now till this starts, assuming omicron doesn’t derail it. Anyone any idea if there are new faces on the panel?

Anyone think there is a cats chance in hell we will see action in January ?

Can’t see it myself

I think we will, a lot of the younger population have had covid over the past month so are good to go now.

Be more concerned about a national edict coming from the top in the next two weeks

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If numbers keep going up it’ll be knocked on the head alright. The volume of cases will mean a lot of team disruption I’d imagine

Cases, cases, cases…

We really need to move past cases and get on with our lives and allow young people to live a full life again

Thankfully I think the UK is showing right now that cases are just that

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The reduced self isolation time will help keep teams up and running easier now too


I know we do but I fear Tony H will pull the plug unless cases slow down

Can’t see it mate some teams are 10-15 players down already

Not sure why we think this will be different to the premier league

A lot of games will be postponed.

Last night isn’t going to reduce the situation unless they take away the isolation period

There will be no more lockdowns I think. Just gonna have to hope the hospitals cope with surges.

Hosp figures down today after huge number of discharges yesterday, icu lowest in months, time to get on with it yea.

They’ll wait two weeks from yesterday I’d say .

After that hopefully can move forward but the close contacts is a disaster for sports teams

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Will be problematic alright, will be games postponed but hopefully it’s goes ahead. Might be some panel members not expecting games who get in.

Leicester v Norwich gone in PL today

Won’t be any different in GAA

I’m sure there will be issues but what the hey, a few games is better then no games.