Watching the Replay in Cambridge MA

Right guys, so turns out my holiday planning didn’t take into account a replay. Any suggestions of where to watch the game out in Cambridge, Massachusetts?

I’ve already convinced the wife to go to the Red Sox Friday and patriots Sunday so can’t change Saturday plans to visit Harvard too much!!! Otherwise I would be in any of the other Boston pubs watching it!!

Laptop/wifi/GAAgo an option?

Mate watched the final in California on laptop. Said it nearly ended up going out the window half a dozen times as it kept stalling.

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I was talking to a guy who bought what he called a smart stick for €70. He was in the US and Canada for both AI Finals and picked it up on laptop with it. Could get every channel.

GAA-stop-and-go is grand for the league, when there isn’t as much demand on their servers. Hasn’t worked properly for me since the Leinster Final. If you can’t find a pub, you’d be better off going with an illegal stream than gaago.

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Lep into an Uber and tell him to go across the river to Washington St. in Brighton. To the Green Briar. You’ll pay 20 ballons in but the food was always good. The game will be on several big screens with sound and loads of Muldoons!! Forewarned is forearmed. Mc Ganns by the Boston Garden downtown is another viable option. G’luck

Definitely Green Briar all the way.

Brings back some great memories

If you’re looking to watch it on the wifi, Mobdro is a really good app to download on your phone or tablet. Only available on Android though.
RTÉ (of all channels!) have somehow managed to prevent their channel from working when there are GAA matches on, but you will have no difficulty getting Sky Sports. And the stream should be quite good.

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You can forget the RTÉ players as well, which is easy to get around the GEO location stuff but stalls like bejaysus for any big match i’ve tried to watch on it.

Do you have an android tablet or phone? You can get software similar to what comes on the android boxes and if you have solid wifi connection then should be straightforward to stream…