Watching the Replay in Manhattan

Sadly due to work commitments I’m about to miss attending my first Dublin Championship game in quite a while. I will at least be able to watch the game as I will be in New York. However while I have been able to find a couple of locations that are showing the game in Manhattan, they all seem to have a significant pro-Mayo bias. While I’m happy for any port in a storm I was wondering if any Ressers know of a pro-Dublin bar in Manhattan where I could watch the game.


I’d be inclined to go for the most pro-Mayo of places and leave a few hours later with a massive grin on my face!

Send the Friends of Dublin GAA a message on Facebook , Boston based . I’d say they might have an idea of a Dublin pub in NY .

Fun if we win, but I doubt I’d be able to enjoy the game during it. But as I said ‘any port in a storm’ so this may end up being my only choice.

Nice idea, thanks.

I’d be amazed if there’s a “Dublin” bar anywhere outside of Dublin. Sometimes it’s even hard to find one here!

If I was there I’d go for a Kerry place, as they are the least bitter of all the other 31! (Is there such a thing as an Antrim bar?)

The Emerald Inn is a great old Irish institution near Central Park West(and for good measure had a very famous scene from the classic file The Apartment shot inside.)
And it won’t be full of “event junkies”, it’s a low-key place, proper bar.

This is where @5AliveOh would recommend…


I know the Red Lion on Bleecker Street is run by a Dub, and should be showing it, but what the clientele is like I’m not sure!

:grinning: Great pic, and how apt!

Baker Street Pub
1152 1st Avenue

Owned by Sir Alex Ferguson no less…

Thanks for the tips guys, I’ll check them out.