Weather thread

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Exactly like that!

Back on topic. Quite warm tomorrow, and looking like a mixed bag over the next couple of weeks with no cold or snow anywhere in the prospects.

Beautiful day here, mild but for a cold breeze.

Maybe it’s time to start a new thread(s) splitting the weather thread with new ones for climate and national disasters? They are 3 quite different topics, while they lean on each other to a certain amount.

@Tayto @dcr22B @TheParish

Moved them to separate climate change thread.


Records could be broken today in Dublin for highest January temperature. Not sure which thread to post this in @Tayto :rofl:

I remember a day in January 1982 - for good reason (don’t ask) where it was 15C and sunny in Dublin’s northside.

Probably just before or after one of the biggest snowfalls in recorded history and Dublin Airport’s lowest ever recorded temp

While it’s not an official record, I reached 16.8 degrees today according to my weather station. I’d say the record will be broken. I’ll watch the RTE news tonight with interest.

Some wind out there now. After picking up in the last hour so

Over 40’s football should be interesting tonight the ball be flying all over the camp.

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That was forecast. Just put my wheely bins out… Could be great craic later!

Nothing to do with the wind.


Nice amount of snow in north tipp.this morning, albeit localised.

Clondalkin is the same, I believe.

Was this forecast? More to come?

Yes and no. Only transient

-2 forecast for tomorrow morning.

Some very, very unsettled and possibly very stormy weather on the way for next week. And for the first time in a very long time, there are signs of a colder regime in the offing! More anon.