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Fishguard is possibly the worst place I’ve ever had to stay overnight in.


Well a record nighttime temp was recorded this month in Ireland of 16 degrees. In Ireland the last 16 months in a row have all recorded above average temps. There is a trend. It’s very noticeable.

Ive noticed that torrential downpours are now more common. Flooding is occurring in places never before seen.

The amount of nights of frost we get is minimal. I can’t remember a real hard frost in the past 2 years. You could count the “frosty” mornings in one hand.

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I had to use warm water to get the ice off my car windscreen on may 6th, 2021. My birthday. Which is why I remember. So we definitely get frost. And at very odd times of the year too.

The fact you remember a day we had frost kind of proves my point though :joy:

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That’s mad…May 6th…you share the same birthday as George Clooney, Sigmund Freud AND Tony Blair!

Yeah. Blair I knew about. Not proud of that one :joy:


I remember it because it was my birthday. Never seen it before.

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Thats mad yea, 7 billion people on the planet and 365 days a year, isn’t just amazing that people have birthdays on the same day…

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tough crowd :joy:


Easy Groucho

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Er…it’s eight billion! But I take your point!

So there is even more chance then!

Actually while we are at it. When the misses opened the first restaurant about 15 years ago, I was helping with front of house most days after my real job so we had to get a live in au pair for the youngest daughter who was only a baby then. Anyway, I think it was our 3rd au pair that we took in, she was from Sicily and had no English so took a while to get to know more about her. So as I was celebrating my birthday, she told us it was also her birthday, on the same day, so I asked what year, same year, thats mad ted. She asked what tome I was born, 12.30 in the morning, ah says she close, she was born at 1.30, but then we copped the hour time difference, so it turned out the 2 of us were born at exactly the same time


Indeed, as I said, the trend is always up, no argument.
My posts have been countering specific examples of daily or monthly extremes as being definitive - they aren’t.

In the meantime, Northern Sweden has been warmer that Ireland this week - Daddyo will have wanted to know…

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But was she good-looking?

Not as good looking as me, but she was alright, a perfect example of BOBFOC


Very dense fog here in the west. Didn’t really lift all day. Meanwhile over on Met Eireanns Connacht forecast:

“Mainly clear and dry this evening, but there are showers moving in from the Atlantic.”

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Some very heavy rain coming to many areas on Monday, looks like south and east worst affected.
Then some quite stormy weather around Thursday.

For the first time in a long time there will be some more widespread heavy rains in parts of drought-afflicted Europe. However it doesn’t look like continuing for more than 2-3 days before settling again.

There’s some significant cold in parts of north central Europe for a few days currently.
It has just about missed Ukraine which is a huge relief for many living without power or proper heat or most of all those living in very poor conditions.
For the moment it looks like severe cold will stay well to the east and somewhat to the north of Ukraine

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There was a proper snow storm in Western New York over the last three days. Lake effect heavy wet snow. 77 inches (almost 2m) reported in some parts. The Buffalo Bills v Cleveland Browns NFL game has been moved to Detroit as a consequence.
Considering that the Big Snow of '82 yielded 25cm of snow on the east coast of Ireland and the whole country ground to a halt, imagine a storm of Buffalo’s magnitude.

March 2018 or 19 in Ireland was very close to matching or surpassing the 82 event, all it needed was a slight nudge of the eventual very complex system and Eastern Ireland would’ve been buried, it would have equalled the legendary snows of late winter 1947.

The promised very heavy rain on Monday is now splitting in two, going north & south and largely missing the areas it was forecast to hit in the forecasts of two days ago.
But there’s a strong possibility of a very heavy bout of rains around Thursday into Friday again worst being south and East like the previous forcast

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