Weather thread

Looking forward to the grass and weeds stopping growing and no flies. 48 billion leaves to deal with over the next 6 weeks tho.

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What about the auld wilding?

I think a lot of leaves have already fallen due to the dry spring, pleasant June and then the wet and somewhat windy July/August. Unless a lot of leaves grew back again for a second cycle within the one year?

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96 billion so

Leaves all over the ground but looking at the trees still plenty more to come, I know the East Coast had a nice June but we had a pretty wet one

It’s always wet down in Caawrk. That’s why we loves them.

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Practically a temperate rainforest climate down there. Another couple of degrees celcius and you’d be joining me in the sub-tropical zones

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Deadly buzz

Some wind and rain out there tonight. So bad we had to cancel club training. Thank god for the split season…which makes absolutely no difference to the clubs :see_no_evil::sweat_smile:

Getting fierce windy out there now


Was reffing last night and very windy from about 8 onwards, pitch was in great nick apart from some water in the goals which was cleared beforehand

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Nice comet

Come(t) the day

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grass grows when its over 7c i was told by a lad who cuts the stuff for the council.

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Lively hum

Seems to slow down well before that tho

oh it does but you will still see it clumping up till about january and feb when the nutriton in the soil is ued up or hard to get and it starts to look tied and yellowy.

I have been given the green light to use feed/weed/moss killer any month apart from January, when it used to be not allowed from november till march

Sounds a bit like the way my sex life went.


It’s also somewhat to do with light and especially sun. In the darker months there’s obvs less sun, regardless of how fine the weather might be. When sun hits the grass even in cold weather (especially the inbetweeny months where you get that combo - later Oct, later Feb, March & April) it will grow more than when the sun can’t get to it so much, Nov-mid Feb.
This is because direct sunlight heats the grass and the ground higher than the air temperature. Of course very cold nights with lingering frost/low ground temps by day will offset that effect.

You can use the old scenes of frozen football pitches as an example, (pre-widespread undersoil heating systems). Areas with sun thaw out of course. But wouldn’t warm up enough from such a low start to grow much in that darkest 3 month period. Otherwise with less cold nights and sun by day there will be some growth, even if daytime temps generally speaking are 7-ish or below.
On the other hand if you’re talking about big open fields, as against gardens and of course unlike football stadiums, there’s much less shading over most of the area, unless high trees are verging.

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