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I recently created my 1st website. being a total novice I thought I was a great lad, unfortunately I have no clue about meta data, SEOs or registering on a search engine.

So if anyone has any tips on what I need to do for my site to become searchable I would really appritiate your help.

Below is what I have done so far, I’m also open to another recommendations. :facepunch:

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Learning how to spell, grammar and punctuation would be a good start, ya youngling! :slight_smile:

Don’t eat yellow snow.

@anon2850911 Only joking. I’ll check with some of the lads in work in morning and let you know. Few of them have designed sites and Apps.

Looks decent ! But yeah I’d get someone to proof read that , there are a few mistakes .Layout is nice :blush:

I think the black background to the heading is more suited to an undertakers. I’d use a dark green or maroon or something like that. I only did a short course on website design years ago and I don’t have any expertise but just my tuppence worth.


Thanks @Snowcat, I appropriate any help

Cheers Liam

Good first effort - what did you build it with? The main issue is that it doesnt seem to be mobile responsive? is there a separate mobile version?

meta data is not as important as it used to be but it is still important. use a page per keyword you are targeting and include the keyword in the page title, the meta keywords and in the meta description. also use it in the h1 tag on the page and in the first sentence of the page.

Other then that the more pages you have the better so blog like a mother father.

Do you have any current branding / identity? And what Tayto said regarding the mobile version.

No im literally doing this from scratch learning as I go. I am using

oh right - fair fecks in that case, unless you are happy to keep learning from scratch then you might have a look at squarespace - very good DIY web builder.

Agree with this, ain’t bad either. Smallish enough learning curve on both with good customer support. I mentioned ‘branding’ as its always good to bring it over from your print assets (as long as it is aesthetically pleasing and not some mac monkey has lashed together :grinning:). Will give returning customers familiarity and confidence that they are still dealing with the same upholstery company when they browse your website etc.

Apart from that fair play to ya!

Its very good. Looks very professional. It generally helps search rankings I think if you update it regularly, to that end a ‘news’ section where you put in recent events or jobs can be useful. I am not sure if that thing has some sort of plug in that allows that to be done easily, or if it is a case of re-editing a page each time. But that is just by way of comment - there is nothing at all wrong with it as it is now.

Thanks for all the help lads, ill keep working on it. My main issue is its not appearing on Google searches yet.

Difficullt to get a brand new site to feature on google search right away. make sure you have a google business listing - the rest will follow from there.

@anon2850911 one of the lads said try this. You can put your sites address in and it gives you pointers on getting the best out of google( too technical for me, that’s why I stuck to Sales).

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Thanks Liam

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Just a suggestion @anon2850911 but I’d get rid of the satisfied customer bit,
For a company operating for 50 years and only 1 satisfied customer doesn’t look good.
Maybe put in a testimonial bit instead,if you were wanting to go down that road.