Welcome to the New Look Reservoir Dubs

Hey all - welcome to the new look site - we have moved to a more modern, social and mobile based system which we hope will allow the site to grow by making it ultra mobile friendly and will allow one click registration and login.

We had hoped to bring all the old content and user accounts with us but unfortunately that wasn’t possible.

We’ll be adding more features in the coming weeks.


Looks good, fair play.

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I am in. Great to be baCK. Now to figure out the layout!

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Welcome on board! Few things to iron out but hopefully get them sorted ASAP

Looks very good. Really like layout etc. Would it be possible to embed Twitter feed on front page? If the likes of Dub Match Tracker thing was showing last 3 or 4 tweets, would be handy.

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Thanks, nice idea, I’ll look into that!

Checking image uploads are working

Thanks for starting the forum back up again lads.

Looks good so far.


Great to see the site up and running again. Pity that you were unable to bring all the old content and user accounts across to new site, but it’s a small price to pay.

Well done to all concerned & thanks!


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I’ll activate as many accounts as I can later, so if you have signed up and didn’t get an email try to login anyways!

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Great work folks, and thanks again for all the commitment to the old site, and keeping it alive. Alive. Oh!


Thanks BW & al, was a bit of work but hopefully the mobile & social stuff will be worth it.

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Looks like thesite is sending email now so everyone should’ve able to register themselves from now on!

Thanks to everyone involved in getting the forum up and running.

Now to get used to a new forum layout and a new jersey at the same time! ; )

Great to have site back ,new look will take a while to get used to I think .

Delighted Res Dubs is back - I couldn’t hack reading any more Daily Mail or the Journal! Well done to the people who keep it going. I don’t post much but I browse it every day . Hope Bart comes back too.

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Like a boomerang, keep coming back

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Just to be clear…this is a lentil-free forum.

No red splitters?
This is bull.

I’m in. Ye har !!!