Were you there?

Inspired by a comment from @5AliveOh on the Champions League thread, here is a place to list all of the places/events that the world and his (or her!) mother claim to have been at, but may not always be entirely true. These are just the events already mentioned, for starters.

  1. Thomond Park in 1978 for Munster v the All Blacks
  2. PUC in 1983 for Dublin v Cork
  3. Stuttgart in 1988 for Ireland v England

O’byrne cup 2011, 2013, 2015-2019


I was at 2. Great day.

Should be a few Ryder Cup inclusions here I’d say.

The day Brady scored v Brazil 1-0 Ireland
Ireland v France 3-2 win Platini played 1981
Lost to Holland at home 3-2 Guillit and Van Basten , incredible team
Too many Dubs to mention however rarely if ever on the Hill

One Dubs game that does stick out was a cold miserable day in Parnell Park playing Im sure it was Westmeath, Gilroy was scouting everywhere for new talent , saw a couple of chaps who made an instant impression MDMC Kevin Mac COS O Gara and though eh up these lads can play a bit

Never been to a rugby game school , provincial or country

Horse racing I got to see Shergar in 1981 win the Irish Derby , the horse had an aura about him and the legend that was Lester was on board

Never been to a soccer or rugby match in my life.

And proud of it.

You must be Lillywhite supporter?

You so realise the thread is about lying that you were there, not lying that you weren’t?

On the Hill in 77.
On the pitch when Ginger McLaughlin got his Samson try

Was on the grassy knoll in 1963!

Not lying at all!

U2 in the Dandelion market.

An early U2 concert in the Dandelion Market

Great minds @Towers_Abu :wink:

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The jam in the top hat.

Everybody in munster was at the 78 game …

Liverpool Vs Olympiacos 2004/05 Champions league.

Sat in the old main stand right in line with where Gerrard hit the third goal. The celebrations in the stand were wild.

Dublin game outside of the normal big ones. O’Byrne cup final Vs Longford 2008. Late double from Jayo won it when the Dubs where dreadful for most of the game. Decent crowd in there that night atmosphere was great

Dublin V Longford O’Byrne Cup Final 2008 - YouTube


Tyson v Holyfield fight when Evander got his ear bitten off.

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Even those who were born in 1979 and subsequent years…Mind you, some might have been conceived the night of that game!

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I was at the 74 final against Galway. Paddy Cullen’s penalty save down at the Canal end was the big moment. An odd thing I was brought to in 1967 was Meath v The Aussies (who won easily) - the first GAA and AFL contact. The Aussies looked like monsters compared to our lads.


I was in the Olympic Stadium in Berlin to witness Jesse Owens win is 4 Gold Medals in 1936. Contrary to what History says, Jesse extended his hand to Hitler, but, Hitler said and I quote “Come back when you’ve won a Celtic Cross”…