What is your Karaoke song?

Hard to beat “Sweet Caroline” for getting the crowd to help!

I only ever really sing karaoke on summer holidays…
“Merry Christmas everyone” usually goes down a storm :slight_smile:


The wind beneath my wings. Though I struggle with the high notes.

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The Killer’s “Mr Brightside” is another crowd pleaser, from more recent times!

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Bohemian Rhapsody, performed it at my wedding as well & lived to tell the tale

Feeling good by buble!

Heaven knows I’m miserable now though I struggle with the falsetto :grinning:

It took balls to try that, respect!

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I’ve tried that one too, on a work night out, and also with the in-laws over in Japan! Plenty of alcohol had been consumed on both occasions, so the vocal chords had been suitably loosened! Still can’t sing a note though!

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The Dan Band version of Total Eclipe of the Heart…
I fookin’ need ya tonight!!!

Ring of Fire

The Return of the Los Palmas 7 by Madness



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Suspicious Minds by the King and if I don’t bomb followed by Your the Devil in disguise
Duet with the wife when pissed with Don’t you want me baby The Human League


One of the hardest to sing, and if you manage to get past the first four words disaster awaits…"The road is loooooong…

Would never try to take that on. Nor anything by Abba or Toto. Whereas Wuthering Heights, believe it or not, can be done. Just after Mrs 5 has busted my balls yet again :scream:
Letter From America. Amazingly I always remember all the place names. Also like Diana Ross’ I’m Still Waiting, especially the talky bit!

Not exactly Karaoke but this is a VERY good cover…

Cwying, a la Tony Angelino.


OMG…best Only Fools scene ever !!!

10 times funnier than Del Boy falling thru the bar door imo. :joy: :joy: :joy: