What leagues have you played in?

Myself and another fella who had to tog our for the Div 5 team this year towards the end of the season were talking about it after our last match. We have both played in the following divisions
2,3,5,6,7,9,10 & 11
So only 1, 4 and 8 to go :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
1 is out the window at this stage, div 4, probably not, unless they are really stuck next season! Div8, if we get promoted next season and last another one.

Is there many out there that have played in all 11 divisions?

Div 4,5,9,11s and 11 North.

Not many can say theyve played in 11s and 11n :sunglasses:


How did you manage that?

Stopped playing a couple of years ago (now 44). Gone be with the days when as a CB you got to mark lads bigger and heavier than you :slight_smile: Nearly everyone I marked in the last 2-3 years was less than half my age.

Over the years, at one time or another, I played in the following:
3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 10N, 11, 11N, 12N.

Never “quite” got to 1 or 2.
My club were at the peak of their footballing powers when I was a young lad (and in Division 1 all through those years)
Junior B superstar, if the truth be known :smile: and of course, there’s no contradiction whatsoever in that statement!


For some reason Our 2nd team were placed in 11 North this year. Mustve annoyed someone in the County board.

AFL 2,3,4,5,7,8,9 (I think),10 (there may be an N in there aswell) & 11N for me.

I’ve played in a whole 2. 2,5, will add 6 next year though, bags of experience


played a couple league games in div 9/6/4 in one yr, 12/13 yrs div1 and a yr div 5,

3 4 8 9 10 12n

Div 1 for 8 years and Div 2 for 1 year

Inter hospitals gaelic football league 2000-2005. :nerd_face:

I played in both Div 11 North and South also . One year came 3rd in Div 11 South next year second in Div 11 North

Me too. Played in A & E as well as I C U and
E N T.

Did you ever play for any team in continent?

Yes - in fact I reckon I pi55ed my career away …

… more like the arse fell out of your career.

My career was incredibly busy, in fact, like an incontinence clinic, it was all go

Senior hurling as a minor. Relegated soon after. Intermediate ,Junior A and Junior B football.
Junior B was the best. Won shag all but came close. Assembled a great bunch of lads who were all handy footballers but weren’t into the training business. The halcyon days! Quite a few of that team featured in Dilboy Field in Boston and Gaelic Park New York in the '80s.

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11 (I think it was - whatever the bottom division was 20+ years ago!)