Whatsapp/Viber team groups

So Im sure there isnt a team in the land that doesnt have a Whatsapp or Viber group.

They have changed the whole dynamic of a team set up in my opinion, and in most cases its not for the better. If they were used for what they’re intended for they would be a great resource and saves a manager texting everyone if they need to change training. Some use it to post up things instead of talking to the team as a group or at training etc…

Another aspect was the Brigids example of players screenshotting conversations and airing them online.

I cant remember how we used to manage before these groups, but we did.

What do people think of them? Good for organisational stuff or a cop out for lads who dont want to talk to managers/teammates directly?

Same way as when you use to make a phone call to somebodys house - they were in.
or you went to the pub , you were meeting at 8 bells and moving on then after 2 or 3 pints.

i use to slag one of the lads in work here , he wasn’t able to chat a bird up but thanks to tinder he was doing all right for himself.

Should we not set up a WhatsApp group to discuss this?


Whatsapp/Facebook etc are great for simple arrangements for training or matches but some managers use them to drop players from teams or to send them off to play with a lower team and dont talk with the players involved. It a real cop out by some managers to avoid having uncomfortable conversations with players. Sometimes, a chat after training about the reasons behind dropping a player can make a huge difference to the players involved instead of destroying someone’s confidence in such a cold manner.