When players were players

Milligan, still living off that goal into the hill!

And sure why not, fair play to him!

Expected wife swapping.

Leaves disappointed.


Expected the cigarettes my granda smoked…

I still think he fouled the ball for that goal and it shouldn’t have stood!

He changed hands with the ball and technically I don’t think he did it within the rules.

So long as he has at least one hand on the ball when transferring it from one hand the other, I don’t think it’s a foul. They used to call it “showing the ball” but I don’t think there is such a rule. Throwing it from one hand to the other is, as far as I know, a foul. I expect @bummer can clarify.


It’s in the rulebook alright. I’m just not convinced he has one hand on the ball at all times when he transfers it to the other hand… I thought it was a foul at the time but the angles available now on youtube don’t allow for a proper view.

Not that it matters now anyway… just every time I see his noggin it just pops back in to my head!

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As I said to some lads from Tyrone recently, it was almost as good as Con O’ Callaghan’s in the semi final last year. That went down like An Phoblacht at a DUP conference.


You are correct. The only thing to add is that you can only change hands once in between hop/solo.