Who are ya?....the ould lad's thread

Couple to start …


2nd one Terry Butcher?

Saint & Greavsie

First one looks like a Wolves kit?

First one John Richards?

Ist one Brian Talbot
2nd Russell Osman or Kevin Beattie.

Don’t think any of those are right.

I think you’re right. Never heard of him. Googled him and it looks like you’re right.

First one can be reversed google image searched to get the answer :smirk:

Bang on fair play. Bro is a Wolves supporter. Richards was capped and was their top striker long before Bully came along.

Second guy is one of his clubs most famous players.

ps No cheating please!

He’s probably a milk man or a cab driver now?

Both. Milk delivery in the morning and a bit of cabbing in the evening.

Is it Pat Mustard?

The late Pat Mustard? No.

I’m surprised nobody has got this guy. He broke a transfer record at the time. Career mostly spanned two clubs and he was involved with one up to late 2011.

John Wark (before he had a tash ) ?

Who de hell is dat?

Second photo Martin Dobson?

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Everton & Burnley!

On fire - throw a couple up there @BelfastDub !

First one I knew. Richards was a permanent fixture at wolves.
Second was a bit of a punt. Wasn’t too sure of the jersey.

I cropped the badge - would have made it too easy for the google merchants. I have football cards at home with all these lads. I may even have some of the chewing gum!

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