Who can be Dublins next "super club"

A topic that could apply to dual but main focus on the hurling. What club out there has the potential to be the next super club? By that I mean from juvenile through to senior who can dominate. Na Fianna have gone head to head with Crokes for several years now at underage. Cuala dominating senior. Up until recently Boden dominated the whole thing.

Who out there is best placed to break into that group? Where’s the groundwork being done to build the foundations to become that club?

I’m not saying this club is but I’ve noticed Faughs back in d1 in most age groups, great to see that.

Na Fianna are probably the obvious one. As long as lads aren’t restricted from playing one code or another at adult with county etc…
although it’s not as clear cut as underage trophies I don’t think. The likes of Cuala and crokes really only need to be producing 2 or more top players to add to what’s there to sustain their dominance. 3/4 years ago Na Fianna weren’t a top 10 team so they’ve a long way to go. They will get there in my view but it remains to be seen…


Lucan seem to be going well underage too…backboned by winning schools teams.

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Setanta have the potential to make some serious progress if they do a Ballymun and get the politicians onside. A hurling only club that produces quality players of all ages. They shared a gpo with Isles which was a waste of both clubs times. If they got someone in to solely focus on them and get numbers in they could become very impressive. Although it may take 5-10 years it should be their aim. I know Whitehall and Na Fianna are within a stones throw of Setanta but with the right resources and a population like Ballymun it is there for them.

As already mentioned Faughs are on the comeback. But like Setanta their next-door neighbours will be their biggest problem.

Apart from Commercials, Kevins the two clubs I mentioned are there any other hurling only clubs in Dublin?

Realt Dearg


As long as them young Na Fianna bucks don’t find women, drink and yes … even mind altering substances … like so many greats *cough *cough in the past.


Do they have women in Glasnevin??

Whitehall actually, that’s a club going in the right direction too. New facilities and underage teams playing at high levels all the way through their age brackets. You can’t help but respect a club that builds like that from the ground up, long term plan in place with good people at the helm. Na Fianna the very same, Judes did it a while back aswel. There is no sustainable quick fixes I don’t believe e.g imports. Although some of the mentioned clubs have them at senior, they won’t need to solely rely on them.

The bottom half of the top 10 hurling club teams in Dublin in 5 years time will look very different to the ones there now imo.


Templeogue Synge Street definitely have the numbers to become a force over the next 10/15 years.

What should happen - if out country cousins get their farms in order is a load of Super Clubs bordering Dublin. Donaghmore-Ashbourne, Celbridge, Ratoath, Dunshaughlin, Dunboyne, Leixlip, Naas, Bray, Colmcilles etc.

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Ballymun used to have highest concentration of kids in Europe but the population there is actually aging now and Setanta are in the less populated end of The Mun. Still a decent clatter of kids around.

A load of social housing gone in in Poppintree plus estates in Meakstown that remain untouched hurling wise unless Na Fianna are in there. I know Maggies train kids football up there the odd time as it is there area by Parish rules. But nothing hurling wise

Ah yes … but is there a clatter of decent kids around?

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Whitehall had serious minors this year, believe most of them are still underage for 2018, coupled with having two 21’s teams as well @CDG busy year ahead fella…


But TSS are football only. Most of their lads hurl with Faughs.

My guess would be a continued growth in the clubs based outside the city as the demographic changes further within the city, and the surrounding commuter towns continue to gro win population, usually of young families. If you look at the last 10/15 years that seems to have been the general trend, provided the organisaiton is in place

A problem a lot of teams are already having and will continue to have is the lack of grounds available to train and play games. If clubs cannot facilitate for their teams they have not got much hope. Ground sharing facilities may have to be an option for clubs.

apart from being a Football only club Roger their current juvenile form doesn’t show that. They seem to suffer a big fall off in teenage years to rugby in particular. I know they have decent numbers from u12 down but that’s 15 years off making a big impact, if they stay playing until then
U16 D4
U15 D3 relegated
U14 D1 relegated
U13 D3
U12 D1

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Faughs are D2 in every age groups and I think D1 at u14 but its a very consistent upwards curve…Good lads operating there in fairness


Fair point. I’d like to retract my comment and apologize for any hurt I may have caused.:+1:

jasus no hurt caused at all.I’d sooner to see them stronger and not have rugby ruining the teenage minds

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