Who delivers for club

That time of the year, was wondering from lads who go to games who delivers on a county AND club level to the same level, of course there’s some factors that make it easier if your team are half decent for a start, for me standouts are Connolly Rock and Con , seen the Brogans C Kilkenny Cooper and a few others who wouldn’t stand out at times ,in the hurling special mention to Conal Keaney, a nod to Kevin MAC who’s always played well when I’ve seen him in club colors

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I think a lot of it depends on the player & what kind of team they have around them.

Con has played well in the football and lights up the world in the hurling.

Howard usually preforms very well for Raheny, just depends on where & how he is played. I think he scored 2 goals v Judes in the C’Ship earlier in the year from full forward.

Mannion always looks standout to me with Crokes, especially last year. Some players look absolutely awful on their first day back with club (understandably) - a game or two later and they’re absolutely flying.

Tell you after tonight!

Absolutely can’t think why I didn’t remember Paul good call , it’s Gas our greatest player hardly registers as he plays half back as opposed to in goal

There’s no way this can end well.


There’s many reasons a lad can get it going with the club , mates he’s played with , good players around him , and many reasons why someone may not , long seasons niggling injuries, I’d certainly not start a thread that would have a go at great players , it can happen at club level where a club player looks a world beater and vice versa also , however if topic was to turn nasty shut it down now

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Think this is a pretty divisive and unpleasant discussion that is asking for trouble.

Dominos always deliver well for my club

But what effect does that have

The lads would die for the club but they wont diet for the club