Why do we still lag behind?

We have made massive strides over the last 15 years. No doubt about that. But despite the progress we still haven’t landed an all ireland at any level. If or when we manage to beat Kilkenny we fall to a Galway or Waterford side who look streets ahead of us. Why is this? What are we lacking, where are we falling short?

Trojan work being done across the county coaching wise but we’re still falling short. Have we plateaued? Have we got the best of ourselves and maybe should not expect to go any further or are we missing something, 1 little ingredient that can take us to the next level of winning a minor or senior all Ireland?

A lot of potential starters busy collecting all Ireland medals on the football team

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That’s come in to affect at senior. Not under age. Really thought Dublin would have won an all Ireland at minor by now.

It’s a big topic. Tradition has to have a lot to do with it. In reality, a native Dublin has never won an All Ireland senior title. Offaly are the only county that came from nowhere to the top table in my lifetime. I really don’t know why not having a ‘tradition’ is so important, but the statistics don’t lie. There was a big chance for us (and for Limerick) in 2013 to blow the hurling world open but it wasn’t to be.

I don’t buy the tradition argument. Dublin has plenty of good hurling people and good hurling clubs. I can’t put my finger on it but we’re lacking something, probably only something small, that keeps us behind Tipps and kilkennys. Maybe the way we coach? Are our coaches coached wrongly and then that has the knock on affect?

For me it’s that the majority of the better dual players pick football, players who could help get us over the line. As Bart said, a FF line of Con, Kilkenny & Cc based on their underage pedigree, would add a lot of the X factor, especially with some of the other options we now have and Danny back.

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Football, managers, players aren’t whristy enough.

We score too few goals. Without a goalscorer or goalscorers you win nothing. Last team to win an AI without goalscorers was probably the Cork team in the 00s. We will have to hit 0-25 to 0-30 to win games but we haven’t got that consistent scoring ability


Which stems from the drain of the better dual playing forwards to football in the recent past and laterly others who have fallen out with management. KK looked like the type of ball winning half forward which we badly need. Con O’Callaghan’s performances for Cuala make him look like the kind of 14 who would create and score goals and Cormac Costello was a pacey goal scoring corner forward at underage. Get a fit Chris Bennett in there and Danny, Burke and other good young players. Colm Cronin’s engine would be useful alongside danny, think his hurling has improved a lot since he was last out with Dublin. There’s the makings of a potentially all ireland winning team (hypothetically at least) whether all of those lads would have lived up to their underage ability is open to debate.

I follow Dublin hurling but would never claim to have a great knowledge of it but I think two things have held us back, one fixable, one critical and that’s consistency and forwards. I don’t think you can coach great ability into a person, it’s inate so I don’t think thats the issue.

Consistency can be fixed but any county will only produce a small cohort of elite players and the loss of serious underage forewards to football is crippling.

Dublin will never make the next step in my view until that trend stops due to simple maths and the idea you will never mould an elite forward.

Granted we havnt won underage but have got to numerous finals and we will eventually get there. But in senior bar a freak year we havnt ever really looked like wining material and I don’t see that changing. We will get good days again due to the vagaries of sport but to beat 3 top teams in one championship is almost impossible without top class forwards.

Fo me top of the pile at underage level is the dual player issue. On all our development squads we have hugely talented hurlers, the majority playing club football 50% of the time and trying to juggle other demands.

Would agree with that. The drawbacks of playing a sweeper greatly reduces our threat of scoring goals. Clare under Davy Fitz suffered from same problem and didn’t score many goals in the big games

Somebody mentioned the coaching at underage level. Could it be case we are using football coaching techniques to coach hurling so we end up with “manufactured hurlers” like Ger L mentioned a couple of years ago, which means we are beating the natural instincts out of our under age hurlers???

i dont think so. If you look at the forwards from the football panel at minor level, they were as good as anyone. If you took 2 or 3 top forwards off any team they’d start to look ordinary.

Clare scored 8 goals in the 2 All Ireland Finals in 2013…In fact they scored 16 goals in that years Championship.

Clare didn’t score a goal in the drawn game… Which led to O’Donnell starting the replay

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Davy abandoned sweeper for replay. Caught Cork off guard by throwing Shane O’Donnell. Clare scored 12 goals in 8 championship games in 2013

They only scored 5 - none in first game???

We certainly don’t score enough and yes you could argue we don’t produce enough forwards or that the ones who’d make an impact go football instead. But we must have anywhere between 50 to 70 juvenile clubs. How from all that are we not creating enough hurling first or hurling only players? If they just aren’t produced we must look at coaching, why are we not producing them? Do we know how? Going back n time but how can a tiny club Lattin Cullen produce Nicky English but Several big Dublin clubs with good resources produce nothing?

Speaking of coaching has it gone stale, actually stale might be the wrong word, robotic? I’d say there’s a fair chance that if I went to a training session tonight of na fianna Boden vins or Crokes juvenile teams there probably doing similar enough drills to say setanta peregrines commercials or marks but at a quicker pace. But that they are all doing the same robotic stuff a lot of which has no relevance to a match. Example handpassing from group a to b in a straight line. When does that happen in a game? Or shuttles running to a ball to lift it then drop it straight away, again no relevance to a match

Interesting thoughts, sometimes there’s just a freak like English, or that Offaly team. Other times a tiny parish like ballyhale will produce a shefflin, Reid etc etc and it has to be down to a great coach. Dcb could do worse then employing Paudie butler full time to coach the coaches around the county.

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