Will you have a cup of tea, Holy Father?

So, it’s official…
A one-off Father Ted special would have been nice.

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each to their own.
It will be a highlight for many people so i hope they enjoy.
For others it wont bother them - so i hope they aren’t bothered


are the church paying for the security costs?

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I think there is private fundraising going on, one of the Dragons Den crew (Norah Casey) was on Claire Byrne live talking about it a few weeks back.

have at it in that case. I won’t pay it much heed

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I think I had that dream…


Don’t think it will b quite as big a gig as the last one somehow.

I didn’t go last time, like a lot of people in their 20’s I was very much against organised religion. I still won’t go as it would bore me senseless, but I like this Pope and hope the visit goes well.

i hear that although it will be free to see him, to be guaranteed tickets you have to buy into one of the events in the RDS during that week.

yeah there will be church collections during the year to fundraise for it.

i would imagine Garda O/T and so on will be paid by the church as it would be by the GAA and so on.

A visit to Croke Park is on the cards where he is due to exercise the demons of the Mayo footballers.


Think that will take more than one Pope…

Think it will require a higher authority than the pope .

We are the only curse mayo have.

Actually, it’s not “official”, it’s “diplomatic”, or summit like that. But it’s enough to have put back the All Ire final by a week, so…