Windows and doors

Anyone get windows and doors done recently?
Want to get the front of my house done - front door, living room window, main bedroom window and box room window. First quote was €5,600. Seems a bit steep.
Any recommendations for companies?

Are you in any way good with your hands, as it really is dead easy to fit them yourself if you like and save yourself a small fortune!

We got our windows done recently - used a crowd called Aspect Joinery - came in with a very competitive price, very punctual and very clean - no touching up to be done whatsoever around new windows and doors - dealt with a lad called Adrian - I can PM you his number if you want?

Search for Composite doors on facebook… Front door comes in around 1700 don’t know about windows but they are very responsive on messages

McMahon & Nagle

i organised a french door to go in for my mothers house to replace the sliding porch to make it more accessible. used DK windows out by nass road/park west.

Very competitive - my sister in law got a composite door for her mother in there.

Neat finish too

Wouldn’t try it myself tbh.

Thanks for the info lads. Will get a few more quotes.

The price is normally dictated by the number of openings rather than quantity of glass.
Was the quotation for double or triple glazed?
Try Turkingtons Dublin office.
Not a DIY job unless you want draughts. In fact, get as reputable a company as you can afford.

Which one are you, McMahon or Nagle?

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