Winter Bitz 'n' Bobz

The AI final thread seems to be getting clogged up with all manner of things, so I thought I’d start a thread for discussion of off season news. Should we call it the “Ballyerfireside Bullshit Chats Thread” in honour of this? :thinking:

I’m glad he’s staying. He needs to learn what defeat at the hands of Dublin tastes like (I hope).


Yeah, initially I was of the opinion that it would be a shame if a talent like his was lost to another sport, regardless of what county he is from. But then I saw his tally in the AI Minor final and thought bawlocks to that then…anyone know a good travel agent?:flushed:

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Tadgh Kennelly.

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It’s all fun and games until Jonny Cooper or Colm Boyle are kicking the sh!t outta ya

Will be interesting to see how it pans out, but size was a massive help to him at minor

He was such a good minor at 16 he could’ve played for Vins in Div 6 …


We know where his heart lies

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Any word on when league fixtures are out? Want to plan a away trip or two. Fingers crossed we get Galway in Galway

Bart will go with you. He loves Galway!

You’re on form :joy:

So c coops was on the rte plugfest otherwise known as the late late show.

It’s going to be celebration of sport. Really? More like a celebration of well lads whats the bottom line?

I don’t know what Joe brolly’s problem is with it , sure he is getting well paid by RTE and the sindo ,isn’t it the same thing that Cooper is doing making money after your IC career is over ??

Joe Sent Cooper a txt apologising in the above article , he will say anything to stay relevant

Charities, Kerry gaa and his club will see the proceeds I really don’t see the issue…

Where did it say his club will receive the money that’s a first I’ve heard of that.

That’s not true, not sure where you’re getting that from. He hasn’t even told us how much is going to charity.

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Brolly tweeted saying he never apologised and stands by what he said face to face to Colm

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Exactly. It’s a big pile of shite if ya ask me and fair play to brolly. Of course rte have gooch on to give him plenty of airtime. Another shower of fucks who fill their pockets when it suits.

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Joes a pain but at least he calls it as he sees it

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I’m pretty sure I read it…

Screenshot from the article