Winter rumours and small talk

Apologies if this is covered elsewhere.

But not sure where to put these bits and pieces of football news.

in Tir Eoghain…

Mark Bradley is out of the panel next year as he’s doing a teaching qualification in Liverpool.

But the bigger surprise is Kyle Coney is back in the panel for the McKenna Cup as is Darren McCurry and Shay McGuigan.

Never thought I’d see KC back in county colours, but he had a great season with Ardboe

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What happened with Coney?

The irony is he was dropped from the panel after the McKenna Cup a few seasons ago. Now he’s got to prove himself once more.

Have to be careful what I say…but KC wasn’t the type of player who would have been into the no-drink, full-on commitment to living like a monk.

But he had a good season in this year’s county c’ship with Ardboe. Not sure how old he is…but he made his debut in the 2008 AI minor final with A O’Shea.

ah i get you, after all the noise about him at underage thought he’d be a mainstay but can’t blame him either.

Mickey O’Neill is supposed to have left the panel (he was the reserve Tyrone keeper).

Must be the one of worst positions in football…the worst being reserve keeper to S Cluxton.

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Now he’s a bit older and in last chance saloon…the timing might be right for him to give a year’s commitment.

Which is huge nowadays. And Ardboe is a right hoof from Garvaghey.

Really hard to know how he gets on in the McKenna Cup after such a long lay-off from county football. Personally I’d like to see the established players left off the panel so I can see new faces.

Its a side effect i think of dev panels being taken so seriously, by the time lads reach senior now they’ve given years of effort and dedication, can’t blame some lads if they want a year or two off to enjoy themselves. Demands are gone silly at this stage.


Completely agree.

A few months back Sean C was saying the commitment could negatively impact young players’ education and careers. That it had got much worse since he first started playing.

It’s maybe even worse for Dublin fringe players given the competition for places.

You look at the likes of E O’Gara (who I saw warm-up from the Hill) and he didn’t even get a run out. Only thing worse than all the training, is not playing.


Good to see him back - no man is an island.

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Kevin Cassidy?

I’m not sure about that. If anything it probably drives them into third level education and there are far far more opportunities in that regard than in my day. If anyone on my road went to Uni they got beaten up.

Just think times have changed…it’s not cool to be stupid at school anymore.

I can definitely see how football can help a young lad get a teaching job.

But if you’re working in industry, a tradesman or self-employed…it’s got to have an impact giving up 4 nights a week.

Well talking of former players coming back…I’d be surprised if rumours don’t turn to Dairmuid Connolly

Kyle C’s comeback is getting interest here…so imagine any talk of DC coming back would be massive in Dublin.

It would be except we’re not allowed talk about it here.

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Say no more…!

@upthedall I remember one of your quotes on here earlier in the year stating Omagh pitch was built on bog land, that most certainly was the case for the Ulster club final on Sunday, horrendous surface that actually costs Scotstown a great opportunity of a point in the 2nd half when the ball hit a large square of mud. GAA should not have let the game go ahead on that pitch.

HP has a horrible surface - it’s not uncommon for games to be postponed due to flooding.

You have the Gortin glens right behind it…bog land.

The only thing in it’s favour is that it’s between Gweedore and Scotstown.

HP is owned by St Enda’s…and they wouldn’t have the funds to resurface it. But even at club level, players give off about the pitch being heavy.

Have they renamed the McKenna cup to the Tyrone cup yet :wink: Every tiime it’s mentioned I think of Tyrone who list panels for it very publicly , take it very seriously and win it

Strangely Armagh have not won it since 1994 … even Fermanagh have won it more recently than that.

Too seriously!

Was at the game vs St Mary’s last year and it didn’t make sense to see the likes of PH or MD there.

It should be about new faces such as Kyle Coney, Grugan and hopefully a rejuvenated D McCurry.

Oh…and send up that DC fella if he’s bored.