Words/phrases that do your head in!

So imho, language is used by the rich against the poor, by the powerful against the powerless, by the ‘educated’ against the ‘less educated’. It is extremely powerful and insidious and its use - and deliberate misuse- can have serious political and social effects/consequences. From advertising, to politics to the social sphere, language is very powerful. This thread is about words and/or phrases that press your buttons! Don’t hold back!

A few that come to mind are:
‘…in good faith’… meaning our solicitor says we are good to go

‘Robust’ … a word that signifies guilt and defensiveness

‘Begin’… what a bank says when it has closed one third of its branches!

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‘Reached out to’ :hot_face:


Game time.

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“Oh my GOD!”

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AMPLIFIED the message …

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Stakeholders. Anyone using it should be immediately executed.

Pedagogy. Used by failed teachers now reduced to facilitating courses telling us that they don’t know anything about our job other than the fact that we’re doing it wrong.


“Have a great day” …oh piss off!

Going forward…


Like, when used in every fcuking sentence, like.


“He turned on the after burners”.

Let’s wargame this

“I’m Sorry but…”

Oh ■■■■ off, if you did nothing wrong then why apologise.

“To be honest with you …”
In my experience, a lie always follows.


“I am not saying anything but…” and then the riot act is read out.

‘Talk us through the figures, George/Zara’…

Put to the pin of our collar.

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Gamechanger - burn the fuckers that say that.

Resilience. Bandied about by the wankfest on LinkedIn


Happy Friday, Living The Dream are said by complete tossers.

Work/Life balance… balance implies 50/50 I think the current 25/75 which most people do is even too much

Happy Friday. I swear to god that expression has my blood pressure fucked up.

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I’ll raise you with Hump Day.