World Cup 2018 - Qualification

Ha, Coleman goal, large dollop of luck agin. Hopefully kick on now.

Shite should’ve left it on :joy::joy::joy:

So this is where we sit back and invite them on?

Stay where you are, you were bad luck! :wink:


Have to get split screen TV.

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Brady out cold?

Looked like it… It’s ok, he’ll be assessed by the IRFU medical staff, they’ll proclaim “nothing to see here”!


Dreadful game … Matched only by the commentary. Ward wouldn’t get a game for Moldova. Whelan, Walters, McCarthy
& McLean all terribly poor. And for all Wes gives he turns over some amount of possession too.

That sport is dreadfully boring after the excitement of the last few weeks.

Decent 3 points and a great start to the qualifying campaign.

Regardless of the opposition they are getting the job done. At least a point the next day and it will have been an excellent year with a limited bunch.

We’re not pretty to watch but getting the results.

Limited is being kind.

Quiet in here , annyyywayyy. Some result tonight . Most enjoyable Irish game I watched in a long time from standpoint that we didn’t sit back after scoring . And what a goal from James , classy buildup too . Couldn’t ask for anymore , thanks MON & Keano :grinning:

Great result, McClean was superb. Our experience & ability to get results really showing now. Oesterreich were poor on the night, despite probably better players than us overall, and being at home, with a terrible attitude.

In the past, in my experience, even when we had better players, we lost or drew away games like this always, against decent oppo. Our higher standards of game management and expectation, and better coaches are really showing. The experience of the Euros has brought the players/squad on alot too.

We are trying more and more not to turn over ball too easy and to get up the pitch more when defending a lead or result. We got some luck but could easily have got a 2nd goal with some luck. Their last attack was a freak series of things including a slip, a deflected pass, and started with what could have been a free, as well as some mistakes by us and a really jammy break of the ball to Jancker, so I suppose “it all works out”!

Book your hotel in St Petersburg now…

Dunphy was eulogising after. If the Austrian guy equalised at the death he’d have been scathing about the exact same performance.

Yep, theres a bounce of a ball between glowing reports v getting panned in soccer more then any other sport.

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What’s that saying ‘a pat in the back is a few inches away from a kick in the arse’!

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Great win. Hoolihan’s pass from the centre circle to McClean was magnificent -split three defenders.
Pin point.
When he stroked it I lept in the air.
Now I sound like the quare one…:slight_smile:

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He’s full of shit, a total contrarian for the sake of it. Sport analysis has moved on from what some guy thinks, we now want to know what’s happening and how and why.

RTE were correct to get rid of Giles, Dunphy should be next.

For a second there I thought you were talking about this place … :joy::joy::joy: