World Cup 2022 - just the football

94 was one of the reasons they lost their legacy. 02 was better but not great. Poor in the 98 final. Fairly poor in 86 and 06 & 2010. Did they even qualify in 18?
I get it why, because more cynical and defensive teams were always beating them - exhibit A, 1982. But there was little about them in 94 that was really inspiring and less that was really exciting.

Wales are the leekest wink

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A good assist for first goal.

I loves me second screen, boi!

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We gave Serbia a game once we switched to Martin O’Neill/Big Jack tactics. We couldn’t get near the ball when we played the Stephen Kenny philosophy. The same happened in the Azerbijan home match. We had to switch to long ball tactics to get back in the match.

And Ronaldo Nazario, aka the real Ronaldo.

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How was that not a penalty there for Qatar? Senegal defender just bundled him over in the box.

Ref obviously not happy with his “bonus”.

Thought it should have been peno too.

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1-0 Senegal

Wales golden era well and truly over

Welcome back to the factory of sadness with Ireland , N Ireland & Scotland


They were the best team in ‘94

As I say, they have been the most consistent team over 40 years even if not the best team in most tournaments

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Weird relationship with Brazil , love watching them play and when in full flight a joy to watch , but maybe because I loved the Argentinian team of 78 and then DM came along I saw Brazil as the enemy ,they are still box office with pantomime characters like Neymar and Richarldson , but be a poor world cup without them

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1st World Cup I remember is Mexico 70 and the amazing Brazilian team of Carlos Alberto, Jairzinho, and Tostao, the absolutely brilliant Rivellino with the moustache that made him look like a Mexican bandit, along with arguably the greatest player the world has ever seen Edson Arantes do Nascimento, otherwise known as Pele. Others would challenge for that title later, but in 1970 he was by far the top choice.

This was samba football at its best and to many of my generation who watched it cemented Brazil as part of the World Cup experience and Brazil v Ireland, the one game that we’d really love to see.

Had we beaten Holland in USA94 it would’ve happened.


Well struck shot and lovely goal for Van Nistelrooij’s number 9, Gakpo.

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Manager made a bollox of his tactics I thought ?

Be interested to hear what others thought

No question they are finished but that was a winnable game today

Thought the Taffs were very poor, although I did wonder if the heat (30+) had a much greater effect on them rather than Iran. As the match wore on the Welsh seemed to become more and more lethargic.

Even still, can’t think of many of our lot that would force their way into the Welsh side, certainly not outfield. Goal keepers would be in with a shout.

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Jaysis, Wesley Schneider not looking great these days.

Context of 94 is that they went very conservative to win. It worked but it was a dull WC finals, which of course was the fault of many teams and the way the game was played and refereed at the time.
But Brazil were held to higher standards, set by themselves.
Essentially the game itself is mainly to blame but Brazil have never come close to what inspired so many followers in 70 & 82. And yes, that’s a letdown. They’ve won since so to me the only thing worth doing is aspiring to play like the greats. And the game, refereeing & VAR now make that possible

Porker isn’t he . Feeling much better now :rofl:

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Ecuador giving the Dutch their fill of it here.