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In Middle Eastern terms at the time it was paradise. Women have zero rights and the population is brainwashed into a medieval thinking. It’s a shame because I used to work with a guy who visited there and he said aside from being a beautiful country, the people there were very friendly. But yes it’s 100% the USA’s fault there too…if only things were so simple.


Another country fûcked up by British and French imperialism.


Emperical impires bedamned.

God is great

My God is better than your God.

Goot gott

Well done Christiane.


Feck me. between this bullsh1t and Putin i give up.

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You should have an auld gander at an English translation of the Qur’an, when you get a chance. It makes the Old Testament look like The Waltons, in comparison. Demented bearded dwarves, who insist on wearing dresses and slippers 24/7, murdering women for fun. Sick kuntz.

Should have interviewed him. Took off the covering at an appropriate time. Dunno what purpose the 7 tweets serve.

But look shes all ready in her chair at the end.

Don’t give up.

In a very comprehensive garment n all.

And I ran, I ran so far away…

The newly elected far right PM of Italy :eyes:

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Initually, I thought that was just another Milfy advertisement and was going to applaud @Tayto yet again!:joy::joy:


Apparently she has seriously reigned in the fascist side of things.

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I heard that her economic policies were much more centre rather than right wing.

Yea, and remember this is a right-wing coalition, including center right, so she’ll be tempered in a lot of what she does.