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They’ve been left carrying the can for a lot of this migration issue, the Brits are shitting themselves about a handful of boats, Italy is getting multiple times more.

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I’d be very comfortable with that assertion. Italy has a deep undercurrent of racism that is a function of former glory and its open political leanings. Many would advocate a return to fascism and no secret is made about it. That doesn’t bely the fact it is a great country but Italians in my view are nationalistic as they come. Their view of Mussolini is on a different scale to many if not most other past european dictators.

It’s not all Italy getting hammered either. They are more than happy to employ african migrants as argicultural labourers with practically zero rights for little or nothing.

We’ll agree to disagree. They have been a very welcoming country when plenty of others have turned away. The fact that they have some people who are far right does not mean the entire country has a deep undercurrent of racism. That’s a pure bullshit generalisation.

You’d be singing a different tune if we had the numbers coming that they have. It’s off the focking scale. Furthermore, while Mussolini was a kuunt, is nationalism on the bold step now, as well as everything else? I hope all of you good people open your doors to the Africans when migration hots up a bit. I’m looking forward to that!!

Collapse of vast areas of previous habital land is only beginning. Those once wacky climate scientists, many now gone, are going to be proved correct. Your probably living in the last generation or two of nationalism as we know it.

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Next year marks the 40th anniversary of Operation Blue Star, a horrendous act of the Indian state forces under the control of Indira Gandhi. She was assassinated a few months later and this led to a genocide of Sikhs at the hands of Hindu gangs without any intervention from the police forces.
The SAS has its fingerprints on Operation Blue Star…

Apparently help and/or advice was given to the Indian defence forces in exchange for the Indian government buying quite a few Westland helicopters. Michael Heseltine should have several questions that need answers put to him.

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When the predicted 1,500,000,000 Africans and Asians start heading in this general direction, a lot of people will very suddenly be thinking nationalist thoughts again. It’ll be too late though. As I see it, we didn’t evolve as nations and countries with borders, for no reason but that is all in trouble now. Hopefully I’ll be dead before our language, history, culture, stories and songs are focked into a multi-cultural blender, in the name of progress. We can’t fit eight thousand million people onto a reduced land mass, just like that. It will be carnage.

Who said emigration doesn’t need control?

Another war by any other name!

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Hostilities have started.

Another war in Europe.


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I don’t know if you would be singing another tune or not, but I have been living in an agricultural region in Catalunya for 34 years, when I came here the fruit picking was generally done by students as summer work, it was reasonably well paid, over the years that has changed it is now done by who ever will do it cheaper, the conditions in general are terrible, people living in out houses etc, there are big profits being made and until that kind of exploitation is stopped we can forget about solving any issues .
European countries are still exploiting and outside of the people traffickers, a lot of people are getting very wealthy out of cheap labour. Tackle that and it would be a massive step forward.

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You said the following

“Save Europe? What melodramatic nonsense. Europe is made up of migrants.”

Yerevan, Armenia.

Azerbaijanis destroy a Russian military base!

The issue is tackled somewhat by Simon Reeve in ‘Mediterranean’. Brilliant programme. The exploitation of migrant workers by Spanish fruit farmers is staggering. And that’s coming from someone who used to get 2.50 an hour picking scallions as a 12 year old !

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Interesting video about China (link below) - they could be about to hit the fan

Cantona looking well. Who says footballers have no genuine interest in World matters