Your Favourite Pub

Give your favourite Dublin boozer first of all! Then if you have a country pub to recommend, fair enough. For the more adventurous on here, a foreign pub could be considered also!

Halfpenny Bridge Inn closely followed by Mulligans and the Palace.
They say ‘There’s no such thing as a bad pub, some are just better than others’

The Dame Tavern for Friday night music.
After a match in croker, Kennedy’s in drumcondra is getting a great crowd since it changed hands.

The Pebble Beach in Clontarf is a good local pub. For Irish music, John Henshaw and his band are in the Goblet ‘of a Thursday’ and are fantastic.

The Goose Pub.
‘Not a bother’ great band, bringing out another CD soon …

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Nice plug for Stuart there Liam​:rofl::rofl: but you are right- they are brilliant!

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Walsh’s in Stonybatter. Absolutely beautiful pint in there

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Used to go into Ha’penny a lot. Listening to Mick Ryan was worth the entrance fee alone. Always got a good post match crowd and good music session.

The Barman out of there is the inspiration behind the Barman that McSavage does!

My favorite bar in Ireland is obviously the Autobahn but my favorite bar in the whole wide world is Burke’s bar, Havertown PA.

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I’ll go with The Dame, and Brogans on Dame St, for the SS. Delaneys in Smithfield, and the Confession Box on DNS. With honourable mentions to the Brian Ború, and Toner’s.
On match days the Clonliffe, Big Tree, and Bridge Tavern have been great

He was! Mick was not impressed. Nasty caricature imho as Mick is decent chap. McSavage used to have comedy nights up stairs. Used to :grin:

Best bar: Donoghues 44th Street, or the Auld Triangle!

Local: Watermill in Raheny
Others: Confession Box & The Blue Light

Gravediggers, O’Donoghue’s and Doheny’s.

The Crown in Belfast.

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Gravediggers deserves a mention


O’Donoughes and the Hill 16 on gardiner street…mainly because it’s owned and run by a Mayo man and it feels like home there on big match days with so many friends and locals from home in there.

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Think the hill is owned by a Galway man.

Galway man was running it for a while but it’s owned by Tom…a man from near me here in Mayo

You sure he is not from Donegal, know his sister and she’s from Donegal :thinking: On 2nd thoughts I’m going back 6/7 years maybe different owners now.

Gravediggers… good episode with Anthony bordain off CNN in for the stout and the great grub… Anthony bourdain was a great man for the pints and food but couldn’t hurl for shite. Rip

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Couldn’t play rings either!