Your Favourite Sitcoms

A lead on from the RIP thread .
Share yours here . Post clips too of memorable scenes .

Mine are that I can think of

IT Crowd
Toast Of London


MASH, Frasier, Cheers, Only Fools and Horses, Fawlty Towers. And that’s about it!

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I remember I think it was Friday nights on Channel 4 where it was Cheers & then Rosanne or maybe the other way around . Great memories of that .

Agree with your selection.

I’d also add Alan Partridge & Blackadder WW1.


How could I forget that ! One of those shows where it’s just as funny on repeat viewings .

The Office
Curb your Enthusiasm
Alan Partridge
Flight of the Conchords
Only Fools
Fawlty Towers
Peep Show
The Thick of it
The Young Ones

I could go on :wink:

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Great stuff !

Sorry. I should have included Blackadder 2,3 and 4. Alan Partridge was a one trick pony for me.


Gavin & Stacey was good as well, it didn’t outstay it’s welcome :slightly_smiling_face:

Peep Show is one I forgot!

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I can’t believe we’re 10 posts in and there is yet to be a mention fo The Royle Family. Hugely funny and touching, for me the best British sitcom ever.


Great shout, completely forgot it, she died far too young.
(Caroline, not the granny )

the royal family was brilliant. Only fools and horses. Loved it.

Black adder. Brilliant.

When it comes to sitcoms, the Yanks are well off the Brits. Only Fools and Horses and Fawlty Towers the best for me.

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John Sullivan is surely missed. I had great hopes for rock and chips. Uncle Albert, genius.the office was fantastic.

I don’t even know if these qualify as sit-com’s but I loved the innocence of the quintessential English ones such as Upstairs-
Downstairs, Dad’s Army, All Creatures Great and Small, To The Manor Born, The Irish RM and of course The Last of the Summer Wine! The U.S. one I loved was Silver Spoons. Christ I feel ancient typing this!!!

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I had a soft spot for good night sweetheart and of course Father Ted.

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The mankiest tee shirt in tv history.

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