Your Favourite Sitcoms

Only Fools And Horses
Fawlty Towers
Fr. Ted
Royale Family
Alan Partridge
Open All Hours

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The episode when the where driving back to wales and listening to James Blunt’s three wisemen. Funny as f@@k!

Somebody (it may have been Richard Herring) did a good stand up routine about Goodnight Sweetheart.
Something along the lines of
"He can travel back in time to wartime Britain.
He can kill Hitler.
He can help Churchill
What does he do?
He sh*gs a barmaid.
The show should be called “A singular lack of ambition”

I always think of that when I see it repeated on Gold :slight_smile:


Ah lads in betweeners.


Whatever Happend To The Likely Lads

In particular the one where they try and avoid finding out the result of a game because they want to watch the highlights on TV

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That was a brilliant show , great banter between the two of them .

Ab Fab
Good Life
Keeping up Appearances
One foot in the grave
Phoenix Nights
Some Mothers do ave em
Vicar of Dibley
The Young Ones
Alf Garnett
Mind your language
Yes minister


Brilliant :ok_hand:

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I’m more recent times everybody hates Chris had some great episodes. The pained expression on terry crews face was priceless.

Shameless too in light of recent events …

First three series of shameless was nuts.

King of Queens , mostly the parts between Doug & Arthur . Always loved the episode where Doug wrote the song for his ex girlfriend & they showed a video at the end .
The Margy Song

Fawlty Towers, Steptoe and son, open all hours, Yes minister and yes prime minister, Father Ted, the young ones and Seinfeld.

BBC comedy was pure gold back in the day!


Fr Ted
The Royal Family
The Office
Gavin and Stacey
Only Fools
The Good Life
As Time Goes By
To The Manor Born
Everyone Loves Raymond
Mr Bean (does that qualify?)
Ever Decreasing Circles
Keeping up Appearances
Yes Minister (best of the lot imo.)

Liked Citizen smith, but just had a glance on youtube and it doesn’t seem to have aged as well as the young ones and a few of the others like fawlty.

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Basil was based on a real hotel manager the Monty Python crew met when filming.

Cleese said Basil’s antics didn’t do him justice.

Would have been some craic staying in that hotel.

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Hmm, I’ll have to have a think about this. The problem with so many sitcoms is that they tend to go on too long. Do you judge a show by its entire run or just advise people to watch its best seasons? The classic example being The Simpsons.

Nobody mentioned Friend yet???

Curb your enthusiasm…rest playing for 2nd.

9 seasons in and still high quality pushing boundaries that very few others thread.


What Friend?