Your Favourite Sitcoms

Leave it to mrs o brien


So many to choose from but a few of the top of my head and in no particular order.
The Simpsons
Fr Ted
The Inbetweeners
Family Guy
Curb Your Enthusiasm
Malcom in the Middle (Bryan Cranston was brilliant)
The Office
Police Squad
The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
Only Fools and Horses
Married with Children
Allo Allo
Fair City- I presume its a comedy?


Who is gonna be brave enough to admit the (so called) ground breaking shows, they don’t get the massive success of, or the acclaim for?

'Allo 'Allo
The Simpsons

I only liked Rachel …

Me, about 2 hours ago.
Where’s me medal? :grinning:

Never took to Allo Allo at All at All. Not mad about the Benny Hill genre … Mrs Slocombe’s pussy etc.

Btw BBC4 (I think) are running episodes of the Good Old Days … brutal stuff altogether but a throwback to their music hall days. Gimme Phoenix Nights any day!

A few I would add to the list,
Drew Carey show
Black books
Rising damp

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Never liked ‘Allo ‘Allo.

Actually thought it was bad taste.

Some of Rigsby’s lines were outrageous.

Allo allo, Alf Garnett, one foot, the young ones…were of their time but ,in reality, poor enough. One gag wonders.

Some of mine watch those utterly sh1te US Shows The Big Bang Theory and Will and Grace … I think they do it just to annoy me … they are drivel.

Speaking of ground breaking … Mrs Browne’s Boys …

You leaving so early??

Fair play to Brendan o Carroll, hugely successful, great employer, generous, etc etc but mrs Browne’s boy is utterly moronic.

Any correlation between canned/audience laughter and quality? Probably not as I think Frazier had laugher while curb doesn’t …both top of the class.

Talking about sitcoms of their time, you mentioned Alf Garnett.

Love Thy Neighbour was another beauty.

Anyone remember Extra Extra Read All About It on RTE? And The Cassidys.

Simpsons seasons 1-10. the rest are not quite so funny.


The Cassidys was fucking awful

I beg to differ.

The Young Ones was groundbreaking.