Your Top 3 Most Underrated Hurlers (Club or County)

So your three stars that never got the recognition that they might have. Could be club lads who should have played county or were recognised late? Or county lads who for whatever reason went under the radar a wee bit.

For me, Liam Doyle of Clare was a class hurler from what was an intermediate club, Bodyke. Never got much mention, when compared with Seanie McMahon and the Lohans. I think, he was a more skilful stick man.

Centre back. Pivotal position in hurling. Hubert Rigney hurled senior for 12 years for Offaly and quietly beat most opponents in that time. Captained Rynaghs to three county titles. Bloomed unseen in many ways.

Finally, within Dublin- Alan Breathnach from Setanta. Smashing hurler with a great hand under a high ball. Did play county but should have been a feature for years. Brilliant hurler.


Agree with you. Doyle was by far the best hurier in that half back line and got little to no kudos while a very limited hurler but great captain and.a great free take Sean McMahon.

Put this way Doyle was the back the cuter Clare forwards avoided in backs and forwards

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100% agree on Breathnach, didnt he have a brief stint with Chraobh? Always had time for him, hard as nails and very approachable as a player on the field. He a garda now? Hope I’m not getting him confused with another Setanta/Chraobh lad?

There is also wexfords Sean Flood (injured for 96 final) corner back. Fablis player.

I’m sure I’ll think of more

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Good topic…Will need to think but top of my head Bill Hennesey Kilkenny midfielder early 90s…Stylish workhorse, would fit well in todays game, pivotal to the return to the top in the early 90s for Kilkenny. Never gets mentioned…The ball he played in to Morrissey and Carey on a regular basis was class…Great player…Ill have to think now for more

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Seamus Prendergast of Waterford

Most of those type players are appreciated by coaches, teammates and direct opponents only


Underrated players usually tend to be the least flashiest but get through a mountain of work.

For Cork I’ve always felt that Bill Cooper and Dan Kearney have been underrated. Consistent players though.

Dan McCormack for Tipp and probably Darragh O’Donovan for Limerick. Allows Lynch do all the skills and tricks.

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Ronan Curran from Cork is always underrated and I think also Brian Hogan.

Two pivotal players in great teams but sometimes get overshadowed by their wing backs team mates in Sean Ă“g and Gardnier for Cork and JJ and Tommy for Kilkenny.

Curran was by a distance the best hurier in that half back imho…

Johnny G was correctly identified by most opposition’s to work on. Dan Shanahan used tear him a new one most days

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With all the talk about Tadgh De Burca dropping deep as a full back minder, Brian Hogan played this for years very effectively for Kilkenny with no negative commentary

When they played each other in the famous 2004 Munster Final Dan was brilliant in the first half And was winning tonnes of ball in the air over Gardiner and it wasn’t until Sean Óg went on him that They got to grips with him but he still ended up with 1-3 that day.

Curran a good shout the other 2 got all the plaudits…

Frank Lohan another. Rarely bettered and dug his brother out a few times.

Johnny Pilkington was a go to man for Offaly when chips were down and he always stood up but the Dooleys and Whelehan get all the praise

Declan Ryan of tipp. Big and looked awkward but hugely skillful and a great provider for the Foxes Englishes and Kellys of the great Tipp sides

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Wayne Sherlock. Incredible player.

Can’t think of two more.

Alan’s brother is a member of the Garda.He did play with Craobh for a while.


For Dubs who should have played more for thr county, Ger Dodril of the Barrs is in my view a very talented hurler. A pity he isn’t hurling for Dublin.

Alan Cadogan Cork
John Conlon Clare
Paul Morris Wexford
Bubbles O’Dwyer Tipperary
Conor Whelan Galway

Eoin Larkin Kilkenny
Frank Lohan Clare
Aidan Fogarty Kilkenny

Niall Gilligan
Larry O Gorman
Joey Boland

I see a lot of names on this thread who I wouldn’t say were underrated.


3 great hurlers in bubbles cads and whelan. Never would have said underrated though. Cads is fierce injury prone so we don’t see much of him. Whelan has been young hurler of the year and we all know what Bubbles can do but his consistency in doing it is the issue.

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Tipp all hype about Callanan and the McGraths. Cork it all about Horgan, Lehane and Harnedy and Galway Canning. Never hear much hype Bubbles, Cadogan and Whelan. 2 All Stars between the 3 of them.

Not much hype at all about Lehane imo. Not even a guaranteed starter. After Horgan Cads is our best forward hands down. His injuries have completely hampered him. Without them I think he’d be in the conversation about the best forwards in the country. Not at all underrated in cork anyway.

Bubbles is an incredible hurler when he’s on him game. He lacks the consistency of the McGraths and Seamie is a tipp hero. To be fair he’s always going to get the hype when he’s scoring a goal in each championship game.

Whelan is Galways second best forward after Joe. Had a great league and is still only a young guy. Can cause awful damage and has.