Your Top Three Sporting Moments

Right so. Dark wintry night. New thread! Apologies to moderators if this thread already exists. Rules: just three moments please…any sports you want…and if you reckon darts is sport, that’s fine too! The moments can come from any era so you don’t have to have been present.

  1. Winning a county title (intermediate) with my club. Experiencing such joy with family and friends is special.

  2. Ciaran McDonalds point v Dublin in the 2012 semi final…an iconic moment from a brilliant player.

  3. Liverpool coming from 0-3 down to beat AC Milan in the 2005 Champions league final. (Although the Barca game earlier this year was almost as good).

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  1. The 2011 Final - especially the last 8 mins and Stephen’s point. Unreal to be there and what an atmosphere.

  2. Trip to Cork 1983 - a day of days. Wrote extensively on it here before but think it was lost on the old site. Or maybe there was a pun in it and it got deleted. :smirk:

  3. The 2019 Final Replay. History made after our most complete final performance which nailed the myth that Kerry had our measure.

  1. 2011 All Ireland final, nuff said

  2. Winning 5 in a row this year, after a replay/answering doubters in second game. Scoring some fantastic goals and points along the way.

  3. Drawn 2014 AI hurling final between Tipp/Kilkenny, poetry/nearly a score a minute. Followed closely by Tipp-Cork games 1987.


August 1977 coming from behind to beat Kerry in that great semifinal. Great day on the old hill.

September 1983 the second half v Galway. Heart stopping stuff.

September 2011 need I say more?


September 2011
Irish boxers Barcelona 92
Beating meath on penalties o b c 2019.


I should probably have said 3 GAA and three others! First for me was managing a school hurling team from Ballymun to win their first ever final in Croke Park. Second was actually Dubs in 1995, after the awful four years we had before that. Boom boom boom!! Third would be Ireland beating the lard out of England at rugby in Croke Park. They never stood a chance!


Pierre van Hooijdonk scoring the winner for Celtic against Airdrie to win the '95 Scottish Cup final ending a barren run of 6 years without a trophy. First proper feeling of winning some thing as a fan of the club and been able to appreciate it with an underage drink with the bro .

'13 AI semi final . Simply THE most exciting game I’ve ever been at .

'11 no explanation needed .

'13 AI Final , first time been there for a final .

Ireland beating England in the rugby in Croker , emotional game .

'98 stopping THE Rangers doing the 10 with a tension filled 2.0 win game to wrap up the title .

'00 6.2 beating THE Rangers & the beginning of the O’Neill era .

'19 last 5 minutes of AI final knowing there was ■■■■ all Kerry could do to stop the 5 and been able to relax & soak up the atmosphere.

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Have to say that was great craic.

I think the fact that they had at least 10 championship starters amused me somewhat .Also watched Andy mc losing the plot on the line.To say they were despondent after that was an understatement…just put what was ahead 're champo into perspective for them.

Agree. Best game I’ve ever witnessed and it’ll be a long time before anything ever gets close to that. Breathtaking

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  1. 2011 All Ireland Final
  2. 1999 Champions League Final
  3. Dennis Taylor 1985

There are loads of others I can think of like Barry McGuigan winning world title in Loftus Road, Ireland 1st grand slam in rugby that I was alive for, the list is endless.

Personally, winning my 1st championship medal will always be a special day for me, also reffing 1st inter county match.

1 Last 10 mins AI v Kerry 2011
2 Ray Houghton v England Stuttgart
3 Watching my son pull on a Dublin jersey u13 to 17, watching both sons play for our senior club team ( know a bit of cheating there)

Honourable mentions
Christy O Connor two iron
Ginger McLoughlin
Sonia O Sullivan / E Coughlan fist pump
Meath beating us in the saga

And recently our Katie ,
Know all are Irish

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Yeah, Dennis Taylor. Unreal. Remember the glasses!

Denis Taylor … snooker … sporting moments … Jaysus.

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  1. 2011 Winning SBHC with my club
  2. 2011 v kerry
  3. Robbie Brady v Italy

Dublin GAA:

  1. 2011 All-Ireland Final.
  2. 2011 NHL Final.
  3. Toss up between SF wins over Kerry in '77 and '13.

Non-Dublin GAA:

  1. Seamus Darby’s goal against Kerry in '82.
  2. Offaly’s comeback against Limerick in 1994.
  3. Wexford’s win over Limerick in 1996.

Non GAA:

  1. Padraig Harrington’s back 9 in the final round of the 2008 Open Championship. I never witnessed an Irish sportsman/sportswoman being so in command on a world stage, knowing exactly what he was doing and how he was doing it.
  2. Katie Taylor 2012.
  3. John Treacy winning silver in the 1984 LA Olympics and Jimmy Magee’s commentary as Tracey ran the last 50m.

Jaysus! How old are you??

Yep good shout, the way he came out of retirement to do it again just like in 06 was unbelievable!

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2012 was a good day for us too…10 points up that day and nearly blew it only for an excellent Clarke save v Brogan…