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Chrimbo around the corner , what’s on your Wishlist
Wouldn’t mind this

Dana Delaney delivering me a pizza.



I wouldn’t mind one of these.

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5 in a row :+1:


That’s pretty sweet !

Ah, Coleen McMurphy!

Nurse Colleen McMurphy to you!

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A lie in . A god damn lie in , surely that’s not too much to ask ?

  1. The Dubs Win the Double!!:smiley:

World peace.

Ha, ■■■■ that. A Star Wars original trilogy special edition box set (the one without George Lucas’ messing).


A lie-in would be nice over the Xmas. But once the kids are happy I’ll be happy. My daughter is going in for a small operation this Friday to rectify a problem with her right ball and socket joint, should be an overnighter, so as long as that goes smoothly and she gets to enjoy Xmas then I can’t ask for much more. Oh yeah forgot to say we have been informed that they might be cancelling all operations on Friday as they are so busy but won’t know until Thursday! Just aswell my daughter is only 3 and doesn’t really understand what is going on!


Was going to pick this up after Christmas. Friend got it and it is the business.

Sorry to hear that. Hopefully she gets sorted in time for Santy.

I’ve always loved Christmas, It’s made all the better with the innocence of the chiseler in the house lately. However I absolutely detest New Years Eve. Such a depressing event yet I’m not fully sure why.

As for a wish list, apart from the nearest and dearest to be safe and happy I wouldn’t say no to a bit of Dublin GAA clobber. Can no longer justify buying as much as I once did. I’ve dropped enough hints aswel to herself!

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Lovely piece of kit, slightly out of my price range! Though its well worth the money in fairness.

Hope all goes well MarysMan.

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Best of luck to your little star @MarysMan. Used to be apathetic about Xmas - had a fair few bad moments around Nov-Jan but it all changed when the kids came. It’s all about them.

Didn’t really enjoy last christmas as it was the 1st without my dad. But decided this year to live life to the full and have no regrets. So going to really enjoy this christmas with the kids - it’s all about them at the end of the day.


Hope all goes well for her.

Thanks lads - kids are very resilient and I am sure she will take it all in her stride - been waiting 18 months for this so couldn’t turn it down even with it been so close to Xmas.


We’re all rooting for you man :call_me_hand: